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Inspired by the beauty and culture surrounding the Silk Road trading route, we travel the world to find hand-crafted treasures that bring warmth and beauty to your home and office. From the enchanting mosaic lanterns and impressive carpets of Turkey, to the vibrant textiles of India and beyond, we carefully select authentic hand-crafted works of art that have existed in the east for centuries…to bring them directly to you.

Like the traders of antiquity who traveled the Silk Road in search of rare treasures, gathering for Silk Road Traders is always an exciting adventure. Exploring new lands, discovering artisans, hearing their stories, seeing the rhythms of the market and, of course, finding treasures is what we love to do! At Silk Road Traders, we hope to share these adventures with our customers by bringing you rare and authentic crafts from faraway lands that offer something truly special for the senses. On a trip around the world, your journey begins here.